Taking a hit to your credit score can be debilitating. A credit score is used to judge many things in your life, such as buying a house or renting an apartment. A poor credit score can severely harm your chances of doing either of these things, along with many others. Thankfully, there are companies like Credit 360 who will assist you when you say, fix my credit.

What Is A Credit Score?

A credit score is a numerical number that is based on an analysis of someone’s credit files to create a number that represents the creditworthiness of a person. This score is mostly based on a credit report, which is compiled from credit bureaus. Essentially, a credit score ranks the likelihood of whether you are reliable enough to repay loans or to make any significant investment. A poor credit score restricts your ability to fully live your life, and the only option to dig yourself out of this hole is to fix your credit—that’s why you should be asking the right credit repair company to “help me fix my credit.”

How To Fix Your Credit:

There are three critical factors that you must know when you strive towards fixing your credit:

1.  Repairing your credit is about the actual report, not your credit score. Repairing the report directly influences the score, so if you want to see an increase in your credit score, you must focus on the report; more specifically, it’s about repairing and improving the information on the report. This is what ultimately determines whether you have poor credit or good credit, and it forms the foundation of your credit score. When you first begin to work on your credit, you should start by looking over your credit report so you can see what actually needs to be fixed when you say, “fix my credit.”

2.  Closing bank accounts doesn’t help. Some people believe that simply closing their bank accounts is the last resort option for fixing their credit, but this isn’t the case. It isn’t only open accounts that are included in someone’s credit report; closed accounts will also appear in the report. Unfortunately, the details about your closed account will still be listed on your credit report. If your bank account is in decent standing, or if it can be salvaged back into good standing by making those previously missed payments, then leaving that account open actually helps you fix your credit. Active, open accounts with positive payment histories reflect well on you, and they can actually improve your credit score.

3.  Removing the accurately reported negative information on your credit report can be notoriously difficult. Credit bureaus are legally obligated to only remove inaccurate information on your credit report, whether they be negative or positive. The fact that it is inaccurate is why it is removed from your report—it isn’t because it’s negative. To repair and rebuild your credit, you should attempt to remove or delete inaccurate negative information on your report and then add a positive payment history. Thankfully, Credit 360 is able to do this difficult job for you when you ask them to “fix my credit.”

Finally, it takes time to fix your credit – don’t expect results overnight. With the assistance of a credit repair agency like Credit 360, your credit score will eventually be on the mend, and you won’t have to say “fix my credit” anymore.