Have you been trying to get a loan for personal or business reasons, or are you trying to get a mortgage for a new home and discovering that your credit rating is bad for reasons you don’t understand? If you are having trouble with your finances due to a bad credit rating, you may want to consider a search for a company that can fix my credit. While repairing your credit can be done yourself cheaply, you may still want to consider the use of a credit repair company to help you plan and execute a strategy to get you on the best path of credit recovery.

Initial Free Consultation

The best credit repair companies that claim they can answer your calls to “fix my credit” will start with a free consultation. You should not be paying for an upfront consultation with a credit repair company. They will pull your credit report from all three of the major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). They will go over your credit report with you, and they will point out any negative marks on your credit report that they could help repair.

Cannot Fix Accurate Information

Take note that a credit repair company cannot “repair” factual and legitimate negative information against your credit rating; they can only help with the marks that are erroneous. However, if you hire their extra services, they can speak to creditors on your behalf and work out a plan to resolve issues to try to remove negative information on your report. Accurate negative information remains on your report for seven years, bankruptcies for ten years, and criminal information can stay on your report forever, even despite your efforts to “fix my credit.”

Deep Dive Into Your Report

If negative information is found on your report, the team will take a more detailed look at your credit history from all three credit bureaus. When you say, “fix my credit,” they will start looking for mistakes, duplicate accounts, and expired negative information that is damaging to your current credit rating. They have to look through all three credit bureaus because each could have different information, and if that includes negative information that is false, it can be damaging to your credit rating.

Once errors have been identified in your credit report, the credit repair company will inform you and ask for any documentation related to that error so they can support your claim that it is false information. This documentation is then sent into all three bureaus, and the credit repair company will work with the bureaus to determine if those errors should be removed from the credit report to help you on your mission to “fix my credit.”

Credit Repair Companies Can Help

While you can do all the credit repair work yourself for free, there is going to be a lot of leg work, and credit repair companies employ attorneys that are licensed and understand the credit report system and the laws related to them. They provide you with information about all your rights during your initial consultation, and the credit repair company will even help you create a plan to further improve your credit rating after removing any false negative information. In other words, if you are looking for a way to “fix my credit rating” in the Miami region, then contact Credit 360 today for a free consultation to see if they can remove any negative information from your credit rating, and so they can help you create a strategy for repairing and rebuilding your credit rating.