“What can I do to fix my credit?” A question we all find ourselves asking some time or another. A bad credit score can take a serious toll on your lifestyle. From loans to rental agreements, a poor score can negatively impact many financial opportunities. Bad credit does not need to hold you back. Repairing credit scores takes determination, but it can be done and done quickly with the right help.

What is the Big Deal about Credit Scores?

“Why do I need to fix my credit?” Credit scores play a key role in several important financial processes. Your credit report and score can be used to determine if you are eligible for car financing, a mortgage, low-interest loans, and even landlords can run a check before signing a rental agreement. The most common six culprits of a poor credit score are:

•  Late payments;
•  Collection accounts;
•  Charge-offs;
•  Judgments;
•  Repossessions; and
•  Foreclosures.

A poor credit score can prevent you from moving forward with your life, but bad credit isn’t permanent. There are proven strategies for improving credit scores available to help you get back on track.

Check Your Credit Report

“What is a credit report, and how will it help me fix my credit?” In the USA, everyone is entitled to an annual credit report, which can be obtained from either Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. While the report will not include your credit score, it will show your bill payment history and current debt along with other financial information on file. This report is used to calculate your credit score. The higher the score, the better the credit, and the lower interest rates may be for loans or credit cards.

Remove the Negative, Add the Positive

“How can I fix my credit score?” Getting rid of inaccurate negative items is the most important step for anyone looking to repair their bad credit score. Review your credit report for any errors and write to the credit reporting agency and information provider identifying the issues. Once you write to the agency, an investigation is required.

Keep Track of your Credit Score

“How can I track my score to fix my credit?” It is good practice to monitor your credit score through your credit card statement or by buying it from a credit-reporting agency. Credit scores are typically between a score of 300 – 850, a lower score being a poor credit score. Staying on top of bill payments and reducing total debt can work in your favor to improve a bad credit score.

Help Fix My Credit

Repairing bad credit scores doesn’t need to be stressful. Seeking professional credit repair help is the best approach to fixing credit. Credit360 Credit Repair offers premium credit solution services in Miami, FL. The team is always ready to help you figure out how to repair your credit score and work together to get the job done. Simply call and ask, “how can I fix my credit?” and a team will be ready to help you take control of your credit score with a free consultation. Say goodbye to bad credit and hello to loan interest loans and greater opportunity!