Do you have bad credit? Don’t worry. Bad credit can come from a number of places, and it doesn’t mean you don’t have financial credibility. Nor does it mean you should be doomed to high-interest rates and declined loans for the rest of your life. You can actually repair your credit. It’ll take a little work, a little effort, and a little time, but you’ll be able to work your way to a credit score that can better reflect your financial responsibility so you can have the same credit opportunities as anyone else. That’s how credit repair in Miami works.

Let’s take a look at how you can clean up your credit rating–the right way

1)  Check your credit score

You need a starting point to credit repair in Miami, and the best (and only) real starting point is to take a look at your credit report. You can get a free copy of your credit report sent to you annually by any of the major credit bureaus. It’s a good idea to start here, so you know you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information as possible. Once you have your credit report, you can take a look at the things that have caused your bad credit. It’s vital that you look carefully at this report, and you may want to find a credit repair company in Miami that can help you, because your report can contain mistakes, and those mistakes can be causing your bad credit. If you do find that a mistake has been made on your credit report, then you can file a dispute with the credit bureau to have those mistakes repaired. Within 30 days, the information provider will update your file, and the credit bureau can send updated information to anyone who has received the inaccurate report.

2)  Eliminate debt

If an error didn’t cause your poor credit, the next step is to start correcting the problem. Getting rid of debt is an important aspect of credit repair in Miami. Catching up on your payments is another. Once you are no longer behind on your payments, you can start rebuilding your credit by paying your bills on time–or early, if possible. An easy trick to this is to set up automatic payments through your bank for as many of your regular bills as possible. This will keep you from forgetting to make a payment. You can also use your Google calendar or download another app on your phone to set reminders for bill payments.

3)  Secure your credit card

Another “do” for credit repair in Miami is to get a secured credit card. These typically require a cash downpayment that acts as your credit balance. Your limits will be smaller than typical credit card limited, but that should help prevent you from accumulating overwhelming payments. This is an excellent option if your poor credit is due to a previous bankruptcy.

Now let’s look at the Don’ts of credit repair in Miami.

1)  Don’t procrastinate

Don’t wait until the problem is huge before you start the process of credit repair in Miami. If you notice a mistake on your credit report, get started on filing your dispute right away so the backlog from the error doesn’t cause your credit reputation too many issues.

2)  Don’t forget the documentation

When it comes to your financial activity, you should keep documentation records on everything. This is a little easier nowadays since you can access a lot of information through online accounts and online banking, but it’s important that you keep this information organized and easily accessible in case you need it to defend a dispute. Otherwise, you’ll have nothing to stand on during your efforts towards credit repair in Miami.

3)  Don’t dispute everything on your report

Don’t discredit the serious disputes by disputing everything in the hopes that something will come of one of the disputes. Only make a dispute if you are sure that it’s a mistake, and you have the documentation to back up your claim. It’ll get you a lot further a lot faster if it is evident that you have done your due diligence when seeking out credit repair in Miami.

Following these dos and don’ts will help you on your way to credit repair in Miami, but if you want to simplify the process even further, contact Credit Repair 360 for help getting your credit report back on track.